"Twenties Go For Nix" Vada Azeem

by Vada Azeem

Vada Azeem is a rapper and visual artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio who has been working on his craft for some time now. After previewing his forthcoming music with videos for singles like "Money Fhone," Vada Azeem returns today to release his latest EP titled Twenties Go For Nix. 

With only three features from Stalley, Rashad, and LTZ, Vada Azeem's new EP works to keep the spotlight on him. The 6-track EP stay within the lane of laid-back productions and leisurely rhymes to match. "Twenties Go For Nix is a compilation of thoughts and actions during my time spent in the streets," Vada Azeem explains. "Although I was a 'good kid,' I fell victim to the notion that being a Black kid living in poverty, I could only be successful at a few specific things. I then had the realization that I [was] more than capable of creating my own narrative and exploring different options for my life."

Adrienne Black