R∆§H∆РThomas was born into a musical family. At an early age, growing up on the South side of Columbus, Ohio, R∆§H∆Р taught himself how to play music by ear. Every Christmas his mother made  sure he had a new instrument; the first being a set of drums. Each year this tradition was encouraged by yet another  keyboard or guitar. According to R∆§H∆Ð, "The songs I heard as a child really shaped who I became. My pops was from the streets of Pittsburgh. He was a Vietnam Vet who had seen the world and his edge and musical taste was ever-present in our home. Albums like Earth, Wind & Fire's 'The Way of the World", Quincy Jones' "The Dude", Cameo's "Word up" and Whodini's "Escape" could be heard blaring from the speakers in our living room on any given day of the week." This fueled R∆§H∆Ð's curiousity as a kid. He would lock himself in his bedroom and create songs from scratch; making beats, singing & rapping, overdubbing background vocals, "Pausetape" sampling, and discovering sound.... all on two JVC cassette tape decks. Years later, this commitment to music defined a life-long passion of producing, engineering, songwriting and performing. R∆§H∆Р truly is the definition of a one-man band. In his words, "I am only interested in the progression of my culture and our music. We grew up in a time when the songs were rich, full of substance and life. My goal is to help re-create those vibrations, share a timeless sound with the world and to return our craft to high art. Essentially... elevate the game."  R∆§H∆Рdoes just that with his debut project "Museum". A Soul/Rap Hybrid,  R∆§H∆Рinfuses classic 90's R&B with the sensiblities of a Golden Age Hip Hop Producer. In a carbon copy world, R∆§H∆Рmanages to discover new, yet familar ground. Museum is vintage-Future. - Elev8