Vada was raised on the Northeast side of Columbus, Ohio. At the age of 8, his mother and father separated and Vada found himself juggling between living with his grandmother and mother for the majority of his teenage life. Vada grew up in a poverty stricken gang neighborhood known as Krumm Park. Like many of his peers, Vada was steeped into a street culture that left most of his friends incarcerated or deceased. At an early age he figured out how to escape his reality through art and writing. Vada graduated from Walnut Ridge High School and accepted a full scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD). He would only complete one year at the private institution. Vada has dedicated years to working with young people through numerous creative platforms. He has become internationally known for his illustrations and songwriting in which his love for both has grown concurrently.

ada started to write raps at 12 years old, after watching the YO! MTV Raps Season Finale Cipher in 1995. He and two childhood friends started a rap group by the name of Lord Chamberlains. They would enter talent shows and rap battles around Columbus, Ohio.

In 2006, Vada co-founded and named, the then hip hop collective Fly.Union. In the following year, Fly.Union released a hip hop project titled “Kill Fly. U”. After being invited to perform for record executives and A&Rs at a music conference in Atlanta, GA, the collective decided to become an official group. The group was noticed by associates of NBA all-star, LeBron James, and soon after inked a publishing deal through his Spring Hill imprint.

In 2009, Vada decided to leave Fly.Union due to creative differences.

In 2009, Vada left his longtime music group Fly Union to begin an independent music career. Soon after he collaborated with Rashad Thomas to release his first solo project titled The Anti-Parachute Theory. The mixtape included production from J.Rawls, Blueprint World Famous Beat Junkies and a guest appearance from Von Pea of rap group Tanya Morgan.

His single, Polo On My Bodywas well received throughout the country making Vada a highly talked about artist at the 2010 South by Southwest Music Festival. It was at SXSW that he met close friend and fellow Ohioan, Stalley.

In 2010, Vada repeated a collaboration with Rashad to create The Measure. Rashad produced the entire album which featured rap artist, Naledge of Kidz In The Hall.

Vada released a free EP titled The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street on Halloween day in 2010. Vada is a huge Rod Serling fan, and the project was named after one of his favorite Twilight Zone episodes. The EP featured appearances from 88-Keys/Locksmith signee, Nemo Achida.

He continued working closely with MMG recording artist, Stalley.Vada featured the Atlantic Record artist on his Preludes To A Murder project and led the design campaign for Stalley’s BCG group and debut album Ohio

His most recent release titled Money Fhone is available now on iTunes.